• NCB Nightclub Award for Best Show, Residency with Perfecto
  • NCB Nightclub Award for Best Single Promotion of the Year, Annual Palms Midsummer Night Dream Party

LIVE SHOWS & CORPORATE EVENTS Corporate Events with a Feminine Flair

Corporate Events with a Feminine Flair

•  Described as “Disneyland meets the Moulin Rouge,” Belluscious’ Live show and corporate event division combines the glamour of Old Hollywood with the energy and technology of a modern showcase to create a luxurious and captivating experience unlike anything ever seen. Featuring the world’s best female performers, Belluscious produces customizable Broadway-quality event entertainment for a luxurious and unforgettable live show experience.

•  Belluscious has also been applauded for its expertise at creating “interactive marketing” style performances and eye candy vignettes that are perfect to present during cocktails and/or for stage style performances. Such performances consists of creating unique style costumes and shows that reflect the branding of the client or of their products. The client therefore gets more value out of its investment as well as social media exposure without extra effort.

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